Frequently Asked Questions

How much noise will actually be reduced with bquiet windows?

Our answer is usually significantly/substantially, or sound will be reduced by 75-90%. Most traffic noise that is bothersome is heard at 40-60 decibels. Once our bquiet windows are installed the noise drops an average of 20 decibels. This brings the noise down below 40 decibels, which is considered a quiet zone. To the human ear this is a huge reduction.

If you don't replace the original window, how can you add a bquiet window?

All window frames have a jamb extension or return that can be 5-10 cm wide, our window mounts inside this area and can be mounted on the window trim as well.

Will I be able to open the bquiet window to access my primary window?

Absolutely! Our windows slide sideways, up and down and swing open so you can always get to your main window.

What happens to my window coverings?

They can be re-installed the vast majority of time. Sometimes a little modification is required to re-mount the window covering, which is determined during our consultation.

Will my condominium board allow me to install bquiet windows?

Absolutely! And that's because they are installed on the inside. Sometimes we need to submit an outline of the work we are doing just as a procedure.

Are they always installed inside? Can they be installed outside?

In rare instances they can be installed outside. A better result is achieved with an inside mount.

How will they look? Will it change the appearance of my room?

No, they will look almost invisible. Our frames are narrower than your main window frames and we always divide our bquiet window the same configuration as your main window. We don't impede our frames over the glass area of the main window.

Is the glass always laminated in your window? Are there other options?

Laminated glass is an essential component for effective sound reduction, so yes we always use laminated glass. We also offer different laminated thicknesses; Low E laminated and tinted glass.

Can the bquiet windows be removed if necessary?

Yes the panels can be removed for cleaning which will become less frequent. If it becomes necessary to remove the window frames, a handy person can remove them fairly easily.

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